Ode to Bob Johnston

Bob Johnston poem - Chris Nance Music
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I’m mourning this morning since you are gone,
I didn’t get much rest you had to get moving on,
I can hear your words in my head now, your soul moves through,
I’m mourning this morning, cause I miss you.
Birds are singing the flowers are in bloom,
The weather is sweet as your spirit moves through,
The birds are singing louder now, the crickets are too,
Christ walked on the water now so do you,
But I still feel the pain Bob because you are gone,
But you’re even closer now writing this song
I can hear your words bounce in my head,
Saying don’t mourn this morning boy, because I’m not dead,
I’ll always be with you and when you come home I’ll be waiting there too,
Then we’ll write a song there, and you won’t be blue,
So get your engines Rollin son and keep pushing on,
And don’t mourn this morning just enjoy the dawn,
Bob I hear you clearly but I’m not doing well,
I wanted to see you, you had more stories to tell,
Like writing songs with Elvis but you know I wish you well,
Nashville will miss you, your stories I will tell
I understand Bob, I know you do too,
The gravity I’m feeling now doesn’t hurt you,
Just know that I love you, and all you said was true,
I know I made it when I met you.

– Chris Nance

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